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How to Earn Money Writing from Home

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Free Ways to Earn Money Writing

There are many ways to earn money writing. Here are some of our favourites.

1.Ghost writing
There are opportunities to write books and articles for other people.

2.Proof reader
Proof reading may not exactly be writing but it’s a good entry level business that builds up your connections

3.Copy editor
Offer your services as a copy editor on any number of freelance sites. Many people write but they don’t write well.

4.Play writer for local drama groups
If you have aspirations as a play writer think about writing a show for a local drama group. Tip: incorporate local personalities, issues and locations.


5.Take a show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival
A huge number of groups take shows to the EFF, but not all will have easy access to material.

6.Client Copywriter
Advertise yourself as a copy writer for small businesses or sign up with agencies who find freelancers work

7.Radio Plays
If you’re a budding scriptwriter think about developing material for radio which is generally far less competitive than TV or film.

8.Specialist Newspaper Column
Propose the idea of a specialist column to newspapers far and wide. The sky’s the limit.

9.Newspaper freelancer
Submit topical features to newspapers. Start locally as features are a competitive area.

10. Travel Writing
Passion for travel? Give your subject a quirky angle and submit to magazines and newspapers

11. Resume Writer
Write CVs for job hunters is a skill that’s much in demand right now. Think about specialising in a field you know well.

1 2.Letter Writer
Many different types of people need letters written for them including job hunters and the elderly.

13.Write A Non Fiction Book
Advertise for people to submit their experiences

14.Write Advertising Slogans and Taglines
Some companies pay £££ for slogans they use.

15. Training
Train budding writers. Advertise locally. You’ll be surprised at the response.

Publish a bulletin or list on an area of interest.

17.Press Release Service
Small businesses have no idea how to structure a press release.

18.Write poetry
Submit your poetry to specialist publishers – even if you don’t get published initially you’ll get feedback.

19.Technical Writer

Technical writers are thin on the ground. This is a great opportunity for anyone with a specialist background.

20.Translation Service
Offer a translation service. The best services are run by people who don’t just have languages but write well too. You can start a business and earn money very well as a translation copywriter.

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