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Make money blogging

What is a blog?

Blogging is like a diary. You post often about your chosen subject. Anyone can blog, we all have our own views, opinions and information that others find interesting.

make money blogging

How to Make money from your blog

Many Monetizing opportunities exist for bloggers. Which one you choose depends on the type of blogger you are and the visitors you attract to your blog

Pay per click (ppc) is the most popular way to monetize your blog. The programs you would of heard of are Google Adsense or Bidvertiser. Basically you put ppc ads on your blog and you get paid when someone clicks on the ads.

Promote affiliate products. You simply join a affiliate program and promote the products using your unique code. You then get paid a commission for every sale or lead.

Sell ad space on your blog which we discussed in the previous post. You must though make sure you have plenty traffic before anyone will consider advertising with you.


How much can you earn from your blog?

How much money you make will depend on many things.

Firstly your blog has to be interesting so make sure you write about something that interest you or you will write a load of rubbish.

The second thing you need to do is concentrate on your audience. Make sure your traffic is targeted. Attract people that are looking for your information. These visitors are likely to stay on your blog, look at your products or click on your ads. This is where internet marketing comes in.


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