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Make money writing ebooks

What is an ebook?

An ebook is basically an electronic book.

They can cover all types of genre just like a printed book. Some are free and some can be purchased.


How to make money from an ebook

There are two ways you can make money. You can sell them and you can use them as a marketing tool.

Selling ebooks

You can write about anything just like a printed book. You can sell your ebook thorough your own website, on amazon or even on ebay. There is a big market for ebooks. Customers sometimes prefer ebooks because they are easier to get hold of. After a simple download the reader can be reading their new digital book. They are usually allot cheaper than printed books, so make sure you research before setting a price.


Using ebooks as a marketing tool

The second way to make money from an ebook is to use it as a marketing tool. Let me give you an example: let us say that i want to promote this website. I could write an ebook and give it away free. How can this make me money? Well this is the clever bit.... i will add links to this website in my ebook. People who read it will then click on the link that brings them to this website. Bingo. If you give something away free, you have the potential to reach a huge audience. This is a great marketing strategy.

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