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Make money freelance writing

Freelance writing can cover a larger scope. It can be be rewarding but at the same time it can be tough getting yourself established as a freelance writer.

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of writer you are, the broader the better, and the more work you are likely to get.

One thing you have going for you from the start is that there is a need for freelance writers. Thanks to the wonderful internet there are an abundant of assignments waiting for you, you just need to know where to look. The writer market is a favorite of mine.

Companies are favoring to hire freelancers over full time writers, so get researching.

One of the things that will determine whether you succeed or fail is your determination. Working from home is hard work. You need to separate your work and home life. Discipline is the key.

5 tips for successful freelancing

1. Join journalist networking groups and forums

2. Create an online portfolio or webpage

3. Launch and email marketing campaign including a link to your online portfolio

4. Read submission guideline properly to make sure you have familiarized yourself with the writing style that is required for each assignment.

5. Be prepared to put in lots of hours.

Can you make money writing?

You can earn money doing anything ....if you do it right!.

By doing it right i mean finding an open market for your work and filling what that market needs. This is the basic principal for any business or work you do and referred to as a 'niche'

Is there a market for writers?

Is there ever a day you don't read something? No ..then there is the answer, plain and simple.

When you first think of writing, you probably think about a book and sigh with anxiety, such a huge task that seems to take forever and a day to finish. Don't fear, there are more ways to earn money writing than the book route.

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