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Make money writing greeting cards

Greeting cards are one of the most high selling products around, not just cards but all the paraphernalia associated with greeting cards like key rings, book marks, keepsakes mugs etc..

Just have a think about all the paraphernalia that is associated with greeting cards. We all need to buy them for more than one occasion.

greeting cards

Make and sell your own greeting cards

Many card companies will offer a franchise set-up where you sell the cards wherever you like, you will also make money by hand crafting your own cards and selling them through channels like craft fairs, eBay and possibly your own website.


Selling verses to greeting card companies

Greeting card publishers pay freelancers for verse submissions. You simply submit your work for consideration. If they like, you get paid, simple!..

As greeting cards are in such demand, you can get a nice some of money for a lovely crafted piece of writing. My advice would be to make sure you fully read the submission guidelines. Take time to familiarize yourself with the publishers requirements.

How easy is it?

Writing poetry is a craft that you can master but you need to be able to grasp the ability to express emotions, thoughts and feelings and be able to put them into words that flow.

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